Ketut Cakra is a Balinese Bondres. For the 2020 Pandemic Games, he uses a character named “Alu Alon”. Here is her story:

I would like to share a story behind my character. Traditionally, this kind of mask is called "Bondres" or loosely translated to "clown" in English. In the Topeng performance, Bondres are always portraying the commoners, and usually, they have unusual facial features. There are many kinds of bondres masks, but most of them are male masks. As far as I know, there are only two women characters in the topeng performance: full face mask and half face mask.

Previously, the half-faced woman mask is just a character without a name. People will call it "Bondres Luh" or Female Clown. However, in the early 80s, there was a troupe that gave the name "Tu Gek" for the mask, so now, the mask is famously known as topeng Tugek. Later in 2000s, a troupe from Buleleng called the woman character Susik, and they become really famous because of Susik.

I name the character that I use "Ayu Alon" - the short name comes from Ayu Paralon. Paralon is actually a brand of pipe, but there is a saying in Balinese: ‘Paras Ayu, potongan care gallon’, that means beautiful face with a body that looks like a gallon (because the body is big). Although it seems bad, I want to see the other side. Ayu Alon is a very confident, funny, and outspoken character. No matter what people think about her body, she is a confident girl and not afraid to speak her thoughts. I combined the character of topeng Tugek with Liku, a character from Arja performance that usually portrays a lady antagonist. The character is crazy and outspoken, also wicked and funny at the same time. This kind of combination was used by many artists before me, so I follow their legacy.

FUNDEMIC RUN - Which way will you wash?

FUNDEMIC RUN - When you are running a race in a pandemic, there are some things to adjust. Lucky for you, Clown Captain Ayu Alon is here to show you how to warm up, run, steal a race (and the winning flowers) while staying safe and having fun!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Fundemic Run and how to play!

*Ketut Cakra created the Fundemic Run video with support from YKIP.