Clown Captain Admire Kuzhangaira aka “Bhutisi”

Admire is an acclaimed Zimbabwean comedian and film marker. Admire has over 10 years of experience in the film and comedy industry. He was trained in film at Zimbabwe Film and Television School of Southern Africa. He has Volunteered and managed the Clowns Against COVID 19 Campaign organized by TAMBA AFRICA CIRCUS bringing his extensive comedy skills and humor in life approach to clowning and skits for mental health awareness and information dissemination to marginalized communities


Tamba Africa is a Zimbabwe-based social circus applying dance, music, theatre, circus arts, storytelling, and African intangible cultural heritage as tools for social intervention. The social circus engages young people from marginalized and disenfranchised communities, especially young people with disabilities, young women and girls, and talented youths living in poor communities or ghettos, as advocates for social change. Using the arts for social intervention approach to address subjects such as access to SRHR, the inclusion of young people with disability, mental health awareness, Gender-Based Violence and climate justice, Tamba Africa Circus’ key objectives are: The empowerment of young people and talent support. The social, personal, and skill development of young people from the margins. The preservation, promotion, and communication of African Intangible Cultural Heritage.

JITI #NOWORRIES TRIATHLON - How will you hop the rules?

Jiti #NoWorries Triathlon is a fun + "hakuna matata" 3 in 1 triathlon that incorporates Zimbabwean dance culture and music with a “different way” of running, cycling and swimming. Are you ready to BEND, TWIST, JUMP & HOP all the rules? Clown Captains Bhutisi and Tabtricks show you how its done!

CLOWN CAPTAIN - Tinotenda Makamure aka “Tabtricks” (Totally ABnormal TRICKster)

Tinotenda is a self-taught hip hop and African contemporary dancer who has infused tutting into miming and miming into clowning under Tamba Africa Social Circus. His clowning journey began in 2020 when he joined Tamba Africa’s Clowns Against COVID19 campaign to help the elderly in his community. His dream is to inspire young people who have faced similar challenges as him and promote youth development in marginalized community.