CLOWN CAPTAIN “Weza” - Wassim Gamal is an Egyptian actor, performer, director, trainer and video editor. He started his artistic journey in university, performing in many shows with the university theater including upside down in 2014 and Kalsana in 2018. Wassim is a member of the Choir Project team, and has performed in shows at the Opera House, Rawabet Theater and appeared on TV interviews such as the Al Bernameg program with Bassem Youssef. He has participated as a performer and singer at Zubaida, organized several one-day workshops for the Church Theater, and directed many theater performances and sketches for individuals with special needs. Wassim created the Cairo Clown Community page as an open template to shed light on all projects related to the physical theatre, especially the art of the clown.


The Red Peach Clown Team فرقة حمرا يا خوخة

Performance Art Theater, Physical Theater and Clown

فرقة مسرح جسدي وكلاون مهتمون في العمل مع الاطفال و الذوي القدرات الخاصة

THE DISTRACTING MARBLES - Can you stay on track?

The Distracting Marbles - Try to keep your marbles on course no matter what the other player is doing to distract you. Then get ready to judge their act. CLICK HERE to learn more about The Distracting Marbles and how to play!

Join Clown Captains Weza & Emo for a live Championship Zoom-Group Game of Distracting Marbles, with the audience as judges. AUGUST 21, 10:30-11AM PST/ 5:30-6 PM GMT. REGISTER HERE!

CLOWN CAPTAIN “Emo” - Imane Magdy is an Egyptian Moroccan actor, performer and trainer. Her passion is working with children and children with special needs. Imane has studied with Clowns Without Borders / Clowns Sans Frontières, with French coach David Cerrone, and with German coach Susie Wimmer from Clowns Ohen Grenzen. She has also trained as a support teacher for children with special needs at Caritas Egypt - City Centre with funding from the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, and studied child development with the Egyptian-Swedish Institute, the Positive Education Foundation, and the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, building awareness and safety for children and teenagers against psychological, physical and sexual abuses.